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This day, Easter Monday, there are three links that will affect the lives of almost every person living today.

The first link is the decision of a court which will historically influence the future support and survival of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican’s power and authority to represent what Jesus of Nazareth ordained and taught about truth:


The second link is:


The third link is the following article that reveals the dangerous potential and consequences of the current foreign and domestic policies of the United States of America.

America advertising its impotence

By M. I. Bhat

United States government has never given any credence to whatever appears in the alternate media – be it about 9/11 and the wars since, color revolutions, spying, torture, Syrian sarin gas attack, failed economy, jobs, growing domestic poverty and public anger, and so on.

It always promotes its own narrative however contrary the facts may be or however impeccable the credentials of the contrary camp.

One of the rather persistent themes highlighted by the alternate media over the past many years has been the decline in the US imperial power. But the USG, from President down to lowly State Department official, continue to see the world as their playing field.

So does the Congress. In fact Congress has always been a step ahead – ever on lookout to force American laws and social norms worldwide.

In this background the candid admission by the Secretary of State John Kerry and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the US “superpower” days are over comes as a big surprise. As Bloomberg reported, Kerry admitted that despite “enormous power” the United States “can’t necessarily always dictate every outcome the way we want, particularly in this world where we have rising economic powers — China, India, Mexico, Korea, Brazil, many other people who are players.”

This is precisely what President Vladimir Putin had warned Washington in his famous 2007 Munich Speech when he said, “I consider that the unipolar model is not only unacceptable but also impossible in today’s world.”

Unfortunately it took 7 long years for the repository of global wisdom and leadership in Washington to realize this.

Nonetheless, this is a huge success for rest of the world given how arrogantly and unilaterally the US has been deciding world affairs post-Soviet Union, in the process turning Franklin Roosevelt’s dictum on its head by breaking peace not just at one place but everywhere in the world.

But, is the admission of the “changed world” enough?  Definitely not — neither for the rest of the world nor for the US itself — if the aim is world at peace.

What is important is the acceptance by Washington that it is their own policies and actions founded on unbridled arrogance that forced the world to change. After all, as Putin put it, “There is a limit to everything.”

Also, equally important is that Washington accepts that the US, too, has changed – it is broke economically, politically, socially and morally; it has lost credibility. It is not just others but even majority of its own people feel threatened by the USG.

Both changes resulted from the false notion that the US destroyed the Soviet Union and its communist economy. Yet it was this hyped notion and the absence of any countervailing potent force that let the US stalk the world community like Godzilla for about two decades, that is, until President Vladimir Putin was forced to say ‘enough.’

Anyone believing that American money and military supplies helped Afghans bleed Soviet Union economically or that the collapse of the Soviet Union confirmed the success of capitalist economy over controlled economy should consider whose money and arms helped Afghans and Iraqis bleed the US and turn it into one of the most indebted nations in history. Moreover, who would say the millions of unemployed, homeless and hungry Americans — thrown up, mind you, when US was at its peak — are the best poster boys of the success of the (Western version) capitalist economy!

History repeatedly notes long wars have spelled the final death knell of many empires. As in the past, it is the long wars against determined enemies that broke economies of both “superpowers” — Soviet Union with relatively lesser economy went down with just one long war, the US with greater economy needed two.

President Obama says no “military excursion” in Ukraine, and his Secretary of State John Kerry talks of using “21st Century tools,” meaning economic sanctions, against Russia. Someone ask Obama: When did US go to war against a powerful enemy that he felt need to discount military confrontation with Russia? After the Hollywood-scripted fancy of US victory over Nazi Germany in WWII has subsided, historian tell us it was Soviet Union that really bore the major brunt of defeating Germany, with US and Britain providing vital supporting roles only. A big hole in the ego balloon!

And someone ask Kerry: When did the US wars on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya happen if not in 21st century, and didn’t some of the “rising economic powers” exist then?

Both are talking crap, a naive attempt to cover up US impotence. US may possibly threaten China of military action (as Chuck Hagel did recently in veiled terms) but against Russia…? Well, that is different ball game US doesn’t have balls to play.

All this doesn’t mean US would opt for Gandhian non-violence. War is in the American genes. If overt war is not an option, it must go for covert one. Indeed, beginning with Georgia, that is the option Washington choose against Russia, baptizing it as the color revolutions. But how long?

Ruthless reaction to Georgia in 2008 should have given enough signals to the US that time is up for these covert “democracy promotion” games against Putin’s Russia. But perhaps success in repeating Gorbachev (backpedaling on no NATO expansion) on Putin in the case of Libya, Washington thought they could go on cornering Russia – so the game went on, first in Syria and now in Ukraine.

Unless the idea is to provoke Russia, it is clear Washington once again miscalculated. If Putin didn’t let go the distant Tartus Syrian naval base, how could he possibly let Black Sea naval base go from its belly? While Syria is inching forward in reclaiming lost ground against US-sponsored terrorists, Ukraine has already lost Crimea. This is after spending 5 billion dollars and all propaganda hype against Russia – no less bizarre than making 38m wide x 13m high Boeing 757 plane pass through Pentagon’s 5mx5m deception hole without a trace on 9/11.

How much more Ukraine loses will depend primarily upon how far continental Europe (mainly Germany and France) is willing to tail Washington and let Ukraine be used as proxy against Russia, and secondarily whether the coup-installed Ukrainian government is willing to fight this US’ proxy war. While the prospects for the former don’t look so bright beyond sanctions rhetoric given that EU and Russia are so intertwined economically, the latter seems rather quite plausible at least as long as the 27 billion dollar international aid is received and stashed in right accounts and Ukrainians reduced to cannon fodder zombies.

As of present there are ominous signs on the Ukrainian skies, in fact all over Europe. Europe is being lulled into belief that Putin is trying the reclaim Soviet empire thereby creating a scare among the former Soviet republics. But no one is even mentioning his outright support and cooperation to the US-led war in Afghanistan, ignoring the great opportunity he had in taking revenge on America. Or, the cooperation he gave in imposing sanctions on Iraq and Iran. Or, how coolly Russia has been seeking diplomatic way out to the US aggressive missiles bases getting closer to Moscow.

The agreement reached in Geneva over de-escalating tensions is good news but the joint statement is open to the danger of convenient reinterpretation, as has, unsurprisingly, already begun. For US and EU it means opportunity to once again ditch Russia like they did earlier on Libya. And Obama has given enough hints of this in his reaction to the agreement when he said, “My hope is that we actually do see follow-through over the next several days, but I don’t think, given past performance, that we can count on that.”

What past performance is Obama talking about — Not an inch of NATO expansion to the east, no militarization of Eastern Europe, encouraging Ukrainian opposition plot a coup against their elected President moments after they entered a deal with him and then recognizing the coup-installed government?

Obama added: “[W]e have to be prepared that we can actually respond to what continue to be efforts of interference by the Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine.” Well, to get the right message world in general and Putin in particular need to replace the word “Russians” in the statement with ‘Americans’ and prepare accordingly for the situation likely to unfold.

Putin has marked the red line for Washington before he is forced to order his army cross the Ukrainian border: Safety and security of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. Instead of advising dialogue with pro-Russian protestors, US backed and encouraged Ukrainian army offensive against them while at the same time increasing offensive military capabilities in Eastern European states. The idea perhaps is why miss a chance to do yet another Afghanistan on Russia without spilling American blood?

There is no doubt America is impotent to deal on its own with resurgent Russia.

It is trying to use EU to nail down Putin on Ukraine. And Ukraine has thrown a critical challenge to the EU leadership (minus UK – the US mole within the EU): Should it tamely surrender its foreign policy to the US and let Washington really ruin the EU by allowing one of their peoples and countries used as a sacrificial lamb and in due course bring turmoil within their borders like the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan did to much of the Muslim world.

EU’s final decision must not be swayed by Soviet-era negative experience of some of its members (like Poland) but guided by the experience of wider section of its member-states vis-à-vis Russia as an economic partner.


Retired as Professor and Head, Department of Geology & Geophysics (which he founded in 2000), University of Kashmir, M. I. Bhat served for 20 years as a scientist at one of Indian premier research labs, Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehra Dun. Other than his research subject, international politics has always been his main attraction. He began writing on this and other topics since 2010. His articles have appeared in Veterans Today, Palestine Chronicle, OpEdNews and Greater Kashmir. Unencumbered by any sort of “cake of custom,’ he believes peace flows from justice, and justice should not entertain considerations other than ‘honest’ facts, that is, Truth. More articles by Professor Bhat

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Apr 20, 2014 10:56 AM

Americans are not real. They are mentally colonized thro the zionist media. They THINK they are exceptional! Iran, China and Russia ‘Axis of reason’ are the anti-dote to the US/EU/Israel/KSA ‘the axis of real evil’. BRICS please do us all a favour and crash the murderous petrodollar! President Putin must keep his nerve and let the US and it’s cronies die naturally. God bless you Professor Bhat and PTv.

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here and now

Apr 20, 2014 10:51 AM

The US is bankrupting its people while trying to impose big supranational corporations’ hegemony…for the time being the US is the center…but at one point those behind this luciferian New World Order will find another place and abandon the Americans to their fate : facing the astronomical debt…their government made when bringing chaos for big corporations to plunder nations…the US government is afraid of its own people that perhaps explains their suicidal confrontation with Russia.

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Apr 20, 2014 8:4 AM

Prof Bhat is so spot on. This is an incredible piece or should I say statement of facts and with enough sarcasm to go down with some good laughs.. as indeed US’ ways are like out of Alice in Wonderland, utter nonsense and bizarre. Yes indeed Hollywood’s version of who won WW2!!! US HA !!! It was the unsung hero the Sovjet with 24 million dead… against 1/2 mill from US and even less from UK…. And not only 24 mill dead the country devastated. And it will be once again the Russians that save the planet from Hitler and his ilk – Hitler’s ilk in the USA, Israel and of course it follows in Ukraine. But empires and dynasties come and go as everything in the world does, it is the old cycle of action, it gets born. grows up, grows old (decay) and dies and then it gets born again and the cycle repeats. So yes USA is actually gone, dead, the spirit has left, the body is still there but disintegrating and dying cell by cell, smelling too, the smell of death.

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