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Who Runs … the US ?

4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2013

While the world welcomed peace with Iran, the attack dogs of Aipac fanned out through Capitol Hill to bring the hacks into subjection.

It’s an ‘in your face’ operation. And they’re right up front about it too showing the shills just who’s boss.

[Clip: “To see so many people who love Israel coming all together at one time is an amazing thing to see.”

“Where else can you see Prime Ministers and Presidents, Secretaries of State, Leaders of Congress? The only place that you can see that is here at AIPAC policy conference.”

“For the first time in AIPAC history we’ll be holding Lobbying meetings with all one hundred Senators and every single member of the House of Representatives.”

“This is democracy at work.”]

Their mission? To force Congress into enacting even more sanctions against Iran.

Just last week Aipac poster boy Chuckie Schumer promised his synagogue buddies that “ratcheting up the sanctions” is Jewry’s top goal next to military action where only the Goys die young.

[Clip: “Bibi Netanyahu says nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel, and must, must, must, be avoided at all costs.

“So we are putting as much pressure as we can on the Secretary of State not to give up on sanctions, to keep ratcheting them up and hopefully when we get back to Congress…we’re going to break for Thanksgiving tomorrow…when we get back we will actually pass legislation that will increase the sanctions.

“We hope we won’t have to use military action, that sanctions are preferable, but we cannot, cannot, cannot allow a nuclear Iran not only for the sake of Israel, but for the sake of the United States.”]

And it’s no surprise that Senator Menendez joins the attack seeing Aipac keeps his campaign coffers overflowing with ‘vote Jewish’ money. The ’suck up’ starts here.

[Clip: “Thank you to AIPAC for the warm welcome you have always given me at every event that I have attended. I appreciate your advocacy.”]

He appreciates their money too.

They all got the message a long time ago when Senator Charles Percy got bounced for pursuing an America-First policy as head of the Foreign Relations Committee in 1985.

Jewish ‘Money and Media’ won the day replacing Percy with yes-man Simon. If you don’t play ball with the Jewish Lobby then you can kiss your political career goodbye.

But I’ve got a 4 Point Plan to stop Aipac once and for all.

1. Require AIPAC to register as a foreign agent and thus cut off their political contributions.

2. Jews with dual-citizenship—like many in Aipac—must choose one or the other.

If they remain Israeli citizens they must not be allowed ‘constitutionally’ to hold office nor be allowed to vote.

3. Jews who choose US citizenship must sign a loyalty oath based on the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1953 which requires “renunciation” of allegiance to a foreign country.

With this in place, Aipac could no longer draft Israel-First legislation for all their ‘bought’ hacks to pass.

4. All Synagogues issuing Appeals to financially support Israel must also register as foreign agents or lose their tax deduction status.

No Church is allowed to do this, much less plot the overthrow of governments and establish a country of their own through theft, fraud, murder and war.

But Jews get away with murder here in America…the murder of our democratic process via the intrigues of the political beast…Aipac.

It’s time we slay the beast.

My 4 Point Plan wields the blow and breathes new life into our once-free America.

My 4 Point Plan is a WORKABLE, LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL, PRACTICAL Plan to STOP the Jews from MURDERING our democratic process here in Jewmerica.

Like the shill said in the clip at the AIPAC Conference:

“This is democracy at work”…that is…BRIBING, BLACKMAILING, INTIMIDATING every single Senator and every single Congressman to do the will of Freedom-Hating Jews.

My 4 Point Plan To Stop AIPAC SLAYS the BEAST Once & For All!

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