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Raja Mujtaba on Mark Glenn’s Show

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Egyptian Revolution Hijacked – Raja Mujtaba

Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, a Christian but a friend of Islam works on the promotion of interfaith harmony. He interviewed Raja Mujtaba after reading the article by Dr Anwar Ul Haque’s article Jesus In Islam.

Besides talking on the commonalities between Christianity and Islam, Mark Glenn raised a number of current issues happening in the Muslim World.

Egyptian revolution is not only the most current but also the most important one. The developments in Egypt will not only have impact within the Arab world but its ripples would go far and beyond; Pakistan would be no exception.

Its shockwaves have already shaken Yemen, Jordan, Algeria etc. The dynastic rule in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Libya are also threatened. In essence the kingdoms all over the Muslim world will topple to a new order.

In Egypt, the old guards are still intact. The top five generals who are holding the fort are all pro US and Israel. They have committed to abide by all the international treaties meaning that they would hold all treaties with Israel and honour the same. If this be the case, then the people of Egypt will find no relief or change to their advantage.

The US and Israel have used the people of Egypt to make them feel as if they were the catalyst of change but the actual power has not been transferred to the people, power remains where it was.

The Egyptian army is buying time, they have given six months time for the constitutional changes or framing a new one. As the time goes, army will be better entrenched, people will not be able to hold on to Tahrir Square and its not easy to mobilize the people repeatedly.

This revolution would only have been more meaningful had the old generals also been sent packing along with Hosni Mubarak. Why the revolution in Iran succeeded that the people in power cleansed the Iranian army of the American and Israeli influence in its Armed Forces.

Talking on Pakistan, the American and the Israeli thrust to breakup Pakistan or Pakistan’s reaction if Iran is attacked, it was made clear that being a Shia or Sunni state makes no difference. To be either, one has to be a Muslim. This divide is being wedged in by the Zionists but the Muslims within themselves have no such feelings. They have inter marriages and live in harmony but the Zionists and Zionist dominated America are working on this theory to create rifts amongst the different sects of Islam.

Israel or the US cannot attack Iran without containing Pakistan.  Not only the people of Pakistan are very enthusiastic about being Muslims but have nuclear teeth also. Therefore Pakistan would be no pushover.

American presence in Afghanistan is primarily to contain Pakistan for which they want to delink her from China and Islam besides denuclearizing it. Towards that end, they are busy stirring trouble and terrorism in Pakistan. In this mode, India is also a part of this nefarious and ugly game.

Raymond Davis is just the tip of the iceberg. Ever since his arrest, there have been no drone attacks in Pakistan. He killed 2 with his gun, the third was run over by the vehicle that came to rescue him but had to flee from the scene before it was exposed as to the baggage of explosives it was carrying.

Strange thing that American diplomats are terrorists. Raymond has confessed that he is a consultant and not a diplomat. Hillary Clinton and her State office are bringing enormous pressure on Pakistan to grant Davis a diplomatic status.

Even if its assumed that Davis was a diplomat, that does not give him the license to kill. For any crimes of that nature he would be tried according to the law of the land.

America is threatening to break off all diplomatic relations with Pakistan; it would be a sad affair but if they want to do so let them please themselves. Pakistan is quite used to living under sanctions, this would be a blessing in disguise.

Muslims and Christians have all in common but for a few things. The major difference being the trinity. Islam has no such concept, the God is all by Himself, He was neither born of anyone nor did He give birth to anyone. The God is free of all such worldly needs.

The Zionists are working to create a faithless society that has no belief in the God and the life after death. When this concept of life after death is attacked and people made to believe in this then it becomes very easy to set in all the social immoralities as is happening in the West where the institution of family has been destroyed; single parenting, gay culture and other such activities are being encouraged.

The Muslim and the Christian scholars can always sit and have a scholastic dialogue to settle the differences.

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