The Truth about 9/11 … and nothing but the Truth !

Who of US did 9/11 … and Why?

By W J Anthony

Americans are at the crossroad of our future  – must live by our credibility.

Either we compel our Government to reveal the whole truth about the destruction that took place on the eleventh of September 2001 and thereby prove to the people of the world, that we, as a people, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and we can be trusted evermore… or we, as a nation and a people, will be forever known by people throughout the world and throughout history as ignorant fools or dishonest cowards who are afraid to confront our leaders who lied and did whatever they could to deceive US to believe that 19 Arab hijackers destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon.

Indisputable evidence has been presented by Dimitri Khalezov, who explained What caused the explosions that destroyed Buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the World Trade Center in New York and What struck the Pentagon in Washington, DC on 9/11 … and … Why.

The dimensions of the following document are profound and challenging.

To find the truth about 9/11 click on the link below:

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