The time has come . . . for we the people to . . .

Sixteen U.S. Intelligence Agencies, the Pentagon, and U.S. President Barack Obama Tell the Jews “NO!”—Israel’s Netanyahu and the Jewish Neocons in America Vow Revenge

Hello to an unusual surprise,

It is important to our purpose at “Dare The Future” that we repost articles by various writers who present valuable information about human survival on planet Earth.

It may seem unusual for this web site to alert readers to the remarks of a US General, as our focus of concern for the future of humanity.

We came upon an analysis that truly deserves the attention of all of our readers.  If you are reading these words, while on the Internet, you can access the information as an audio presentation on the link listed below.

You will see a description of this week’s audio program about a subject, concerning General Martin Dempsey and the Report by 16 US intelligence sources.

Click where indicated, to hear this week’s astounding program.  Sit back, and listen.

God bless US all.

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