9/11 truth ? The door is now open !

Crucial information to understand the truth about 9/11 has been offered by Dimitri Khalezov but it has not been allowed to be considered in the PBS TV interviews with Architects and Engineers.  WHY?

Have they been intimidated and fear that their lives may be in danger if they examine this information?  Don’t the people who died in Buildings 1 and 2 deserve the truth?

Dimitri’s presentation of evidence is incontestable.   As a military officer in the USSR, he was specially trained with knowledge and skills that equipped him with official scientific credentials to be selected and authorized by the Government of the Soviet Union to monitor all peaceful uses of thermonuclear power throughout the world.

His official responsibility was to know what is permitted by the US/USSR Treaty agreement that governs the limits of peaceful uses of thermo nuclear power and to report such uses to the USSR government authorities.  The treaty was signed by the USA and the USSR.

In his book and articles, Dimitri explains that after the end of World War 2, the use of thermonuclear power was examined and found to be appropriate for peaceful uses in various applications.  Mining explorations and oil well fire control and earth canal excavation were uses of interest for various industries.  The US and USSR governments were the main possessors of thermonuclear power and both countries created a treaty agreement that established the limits and conditions of using peaceful thermonuclear power to be used only in underground applications.

In the 1980s era, the USSR monitored such uses and enabled Dimitri to know that the US Government had permitted the building departments of New York and Chicago to require contractors who planned to construct skyscraper type buildings to present a feasible method of removing the buildings, in the future.  The Building Departments of both cities accepted the use of the underground thermonuclear controlled demolition method of buildings because it was regarded to be the safest and most economical method to remove the buildings without damaging nearby buildings or endangering people.

The USSR knew that building permits were issued to the construction companies to build the WTC and the Sears skyscraper buildings and install the underground thermonuclear controlled demolition system deep under the foundations of the buildings.

Dimitri explains what went wrong in the demolition of WTC Buildings 1 and 2.  He also explains why the Building 7 demolition was different.

Dimitri explains that the US/USSR treaty agreement limits the power of underground thermonuclear demolition, and Buildings 1 and 2 were too tall to be completely demolished by the limited amount of power that the treaty permitted to be installed deep beneath the foundations of the three towers.  The power that had been installed under Building 7 was the same as under Buildings 1 and 2 and was adequate to completely pulverize Building 7 into microscopic dust, but that power was not sufficient to pulverize the taller Buildings 1 and 2 completely.  He explains all of this in his book, which is available free on the internet, as is listed below.

The real mystery seems to be why members of the Association of Architects/ Engineers have not been willing to discuss the thermonuclear demolition method of the WTC buildings.

Could the Peaceful Thermonuclear Use Treaty have been changed to allow greater thermonuclear power to be added under Buildings 1 and 2 to achieve the complete demolition of the upper parts of Buildings 1 and 2 into dust, as was achieved in Building 7, which did not fling steel beams horizontally?  Nobody died in the demolition of Building 7.

Some writers have suggested that the demolition of Buildings 1, 2 and 7 were done to avoid the cost of removing all the outlawed asbestos insulation in the WTC buildings. They said the cost to do that would far exceed the value of the buildings.

Some readers might ask if the supposed or actual airplane crashes into WTC Buildings were necessary to collect the insurance that was paid out?

Would an honest, peaceful application of thermonuclear controlled demolition of those buildings have caused President Bush to declare that 19 Arabs had attacked the USA?

It is available at this Internet address:


It will astound you.

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