Where and Why . . . the power lies !

Once in a great while, a unique source of understanding is met by pure accident.  Such it was, that a truly great and important documentary came to life.

Thanks to METANOIA FILMS.org and Top Documentary Films,

and to Harry for his accurate recommendation of this worthy documentary:

“probably the best quote from a modern politician is contained in the 3rd part: “our comrade, mr wolf, eats other’s countries”- vladimir putin . mr wolf is, of course, my country, the usa. all 3 episodes combined offer up one of the best, most comprehensive compilations of truthful recounting of 6 decades plus of american subterfuge, double dealing, and outright lying with it’s own populace, and the entire world population. i honestly wish this film would become required viewing for EVERY schoolkid over 12 years old here in the states, in both public and private schooling (yes, it IS that relevant, and important). to anybody “on the fence” about devoting a solid 4 1/2 hours to viewing this, i heartily recomend it.”

. . . we, also urge you to watch  The Power Principle a video documentary that truly is a must-see, vital education;  . . . that is . . .  if you want to learn the truth, at this time.

It presents documented evidence that testifies and indicts powerful leaders who designed or carried out schemes of intrigue, that resulted in deep and startling consequences for millions of members of humanity today and in our near future.

The Power Principle

A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.

This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.

It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.

Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on.

Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.


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