America … is this how “God shed His grace” ?

Thanks to Brasscheck TV, you and I can’t claim we didn’t know the truth about what  “we the people”  were allowing our Government to do in our names by delivering our youth to carry out the murders of innocent men, women and children throughout the world.


War is a racket:


‘Free’ Libya shamed by new torture claims (1:32)

‘NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age’ (4:19)

A brief history of America’s dumb policies towards Iran (5:27)

A very profitable war (4:36)

Afghan “War” reality check (2:37)

Afghanistan a mineral treasure trove (6:14)

Afghanistan and Vietnam (18:22)

Al Qaeda in Libya (10:51)

Al-Qaeda and Washington war hawks call for arming Syrian rebels (2:38)

America’s Growth Industry (3:17)

American war veterans renounce the wars and throw their medals at NATO Summit (5:53)

Amigo (2011) trailer (2:08)

Anti-war protest occupies Washington DC (9:02)

Attack of the Drones – USA (26:30)

Banks, drugs and US-sponsored terrorism (10:00)

Bio warfare lab in Boston? (26:33)

Cameron & Sarkozy Pledge Continued Support (6:26)

CNN airheads cheer the latest war (6:42)

Creator explains message behind “Bomb Iran” billboard (2:48)

Disposable heroes (11:54)

Don’t Buy War! Freeze Flash Mob & Police Brutality in Austin, TX (9:26)

“Drowning people in fear is the key to power” (7:51)

Foreign policy and war profiteering (7:06)

Fox News sounding like Brasscheck TV (5:00)

Freedom at Gun Point (4:36)

Going on Patrol (22:00)

Has Israel been given access to Azerbaijan bases near Iran border (5:00)

Heroin Inc. (10:00)

How the media manipulates the world into war (14:17)

How the news media sells war (5:24)

How the world works (2:03)

In Libya, chaos reigns as militias run wild (6:56)

“Iran far stronger than US would like to admit” (6:47)

Iran Is NOT Our Enemy (3:32)

Iran: a war based on hunches (3:49)

Iraq for sale (1:15:40)

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (3:07)

Is this what we’re fighting for? (7:59)

Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War! (13:56)

Israel’s nuclear weapons extend their reach (4:06)

Just how corrupt are these guys? (7:00)

Lawrence Livermore Lab & the continued Nuclear Arms Race (8:18)

Leon Panetta cites UN & NATO, not Congress, as ‘legal basis’ for military action (7:31)

Libya destroyed: next stop Syria and then Iran (8:14)

Libya, The Real Story (22:17)

Libya: Land of the Lost (1:23)

Loose Cannon: Will Israel attack Iran? (5:04)

Marines pose with Nazi SS flag (2:38)

Media fuels conflict and pushes for intervention (3:56)

Mexican drug cartels trained by US (3:06)

Money for war, no money for you (9:27)

More soldiers lost to suicide than battle (4:32)

Nonstop U.S. backed bombardment of Southern Yemen (1:13)

NY Times caught lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program (3:01)

Obama To Deploy Troops In Australia (1:46)

Obama’s new war (5:22)

Obama: the most pro-war president in history (5:26)

Panetta disarms Marines in Afghanistan amid fears of possible rogue Marine (2:39)

Phil Donahue on the foreign policy of a warrior nation (6:19)

Preparation and plans to evacuate Chicago (2:14)

Release Bradley Manning (3:50)

Remembering Panama (60:00)

Russia warns of pre-emptive strike against NATO missile defences (1:54)

Some truth about Afghanistan (9:00)

Telling it like it is (1:00)

The Freedom and Democracy the US and NATO brought Libya (18:12)

The Military-Entertainment Complex (6:51)

The modern history of Iran (9:48)

“The Pathology of Power” (30:00)

The Reality of War – Part One (14:32) NEW!

The Reality of War – Part Two (10:04) NEW!

The revolution continues (4:00)

The root of all war (2:00)

The Scramble For Africa (9:49)

“The sledgehammer of reality” (7:19)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US is no democracy (5:00)

The war on terror fraud reaches its logical conclusion (1:14)

There’s nothing ‘natural’ about war (8:49)

“They love war” (9:54)

U.S. Coast Guard Patrolling Persian Gulf (2:07)

U.S. Senate backs military force on Iran (7:33)

U.S. To Arm United Arab Emirates With Bunker Buster Bombs (2:17)

US drone lost over Iran was on CIA operation (4:09)

US sells 3.5 billion dollars worth of missiles to the United Arab Emeriates (1:03)

US, Israel plan ‘largest’ military exercise in history (6:23)

USS Enterprise, possible false flag? (2:37)

War and finance (53:33)

War from inside the belly of the beast (8:27)

War Inc. (3:02)

War Industry Vs. Jobs (3:08)

War is a racket (updated for the 21st century) (9:23)

“War is a racket” (8:50)

War is theft (9:40)

“We’re going to war” (2:13)

Where Blackwater comes from (10:56)

Where is Bill Hicks when we need him? (10:06)

Who are the real terrorists? (4:37)

Who do you serve when you go to war (3:30)

Why They Fought (2:19)

Widow Confronts Rumsfeld (7:45)

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