Wht 2012 might hold in store for … US!

By W J Anthony

Many sincere Americans regularly read and accept the interpretations of important issues, when they are presented in articles that alert the readers to dangers of national importance.  In recent months, trusted writers have commented on the details of the National Defense Authorization Act bill that has been passed in both houses of Congress by over a two-thirds majority, which then awaited the presidential signature of Barack Obama to become law.

In the months before the final passage of the NDAA bill, those writers were warning their readers that the language of the bill would give the President the absolute power to order the Military to arrest any person, that the President, Barack Obama, chose to detain indefinitely, without enabling such a person to defend him or her self in a court of law, with the claim of habeas corpus, or the right to be tried by a jury of his or her peers in a court of law, as provided by the US Constitution.

The original language of the NDAA bill did not impose American citizens to be subjected under the NDAA law, but Obama intervened with Congress and insisted that he would veto the bill unless both houses of Congress changed the bill, so that American citizens could also be arrested by the Military and detained as terrorists indefinitely in some maximum security prison, where water-boarding torture almost drowns a prisoner to force whatever confession the guards require.  The same torture could force American citizens to confess to crimes of terror, which they did not commit.  That is still done, to force false confessions from captured men of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries without any right to a civilian trial under US Constitutional Law.

The issue is immensely important, and the new reports do not say if Obama had signed or allowed the legislation to become law.  If he did not sign the legislation, after 10 days it could have become law under ‘the pocket veto’ provision of the Constitution that governs the enactment of laws.

Ordinarily, most bills would cause little concern, but the NDAA bill should alert all American citizens to demand the answer to who is Barack Hussein Obama?

WHY has Barack Hussein Obama refused to allow any of his college records or his genuine official birth certificate to be revealed to America’s voters?  Most politicians would be happy to show those documents to American voters.  The US Constitution requires candidates for the Presidency to be a natural born citizen.  Obama has been pressed to provide evidence that he is a citizen, but he refuses to tell the truth.  If Obama is not a legitimate “natural born” American, and his sponsors know that, what are they trying to accomplish by having him deceitfully pretend to be a “natural born” American?

With that in mind, consider the power that the Congress passed in its recent NDAA legislation that gives the President the power to order the US Military to arrest and detain any American citizen indefinitely in a maximum security prison system, such as the US Marine base on the island of Cuba, to be stressfully detained there for as long as America is in a war on terror, without permitting the American citizen to be tried in a civilian court of law by a jury of peers.

The NDAA law allows the President to impose the NDAA fate on any and on as many American citizens as he chooses, whether it be you or me.

But, you may scream, “I’m not a terrorist!  I will demand my Constitutional rights!”  That won’t matter, because the law does not permit, much less require, any American court to intervene in your behalf as a citizen or even as a human being.  With that in mind, consider what is stated in the following video.


If Obama is not a natural born citizen and is not eligible to be President, then all the things that he did in making appointments, signing treaties, signing bills into law, etc. are illegal.  This is precisely presented in the article that precedes this essay.

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