How about it, Mr. President … ?

Late last evening, I visited the web site:

I found overwhelming evidence that reveals lies and deception that were used to cover-up the 9/11 destruction of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.  As I watched the video testimonies of firemen, police, architects, engineers and witnesses, the inescapable evidence convinced me that you and the people of America, for our own safety, must now publicly investigate and reveal the truth about who caused the destruction of the World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7.

The web site, listed above, presents your televised remarks, when you virtually repeated the same words that George W. Bush used when he tried to convince Americans and the people of the world not to reject the official government explanation of the WTC disaster.

It was difficult to watch, as you chose to ignore the fact, that the official report is a deceptive and treacherous cover-up of what really happened on 9/11.  The voters elected you, because they trusted your words, when you promised that an Obama government would be honest and tell the truth.  You now have that opportunity.

The 9/11 crimes fit the purpose of the “Project for a New American Century” which said the US needed “a New Pearl Harbor” disaster, that would create an enemy and deceive Americans into supporting a war against the people of the oil rich nations of the middle east and enable the US to militarily control the future policies of the world.

When you scorned the 9/11 Truth seekers, you repeated almost the exact words of George W Bush.  Despite your words and the words of Bush, the truth is never outrageous.  Nine Arabs did not do the crimes.  There is no doubt that you know and understand who caused 9/11.

Using the same words that Bush used, seems to support your critics in their claim, that you have been selected from your youth to be groomed from your childhood to be affable and willing to follow a mentor who would advise you, through the years, to do what would eventually move you into the circle of power, that would arrange your public credentials and popularity to successfully achieve your election to the Senate and the Presidency.

The expanding public concern is now focusing on the abundant evidence that reveals the contradictions of the government’s report of the 9/11 crimes. The worldwide demand for truth will now confront your image as a people’s leader and will soon require you to publicly reveal the truth of 9/11.

It is apparent that you depended on instructions of advisors on how you should act, since your youth and, even now, you seem to continue that dependence as president.  Your physical appearance and charm has attracted millions of earnest American citizens, young and old, to believe that you earnestly intend to seek and follow the truth.  That gift of their belief has placed you in the opportunity to be your own person, able to honestly say and do what your decisions truthfully require.  As the president, you are in the position to use your authority to follow the truth and institute an honest, open, public investigation of the evidence that will show who is responsible for the crimes of 9/11.

As President, you are in a position to be admired in history as one of the great presidents, if you courageously arrange the honest, public investigation and prosecution of whoever is responsible for creating the horrible treachery of the 9/11 crimes.  The Justice Department is subject to your authority.

If you choose to heroically help uncover the plot of 9/11, you will need to be prepared to publicly explain to the American people the truth.  You will also need to arrange your personal safety and prevent a deadly reprisal against you by the culprits who perpetrated and covered up the plan of 9/11.  Some of the associates of the plot may be near you, so you need to be careful.  Remember the Kennedy assassination.

I pray that God almighty will bless you with the courage and help to understand the information that is available on the website of:

With admiration and hope for that young man who promised truth and won the presidency, I urge you, Barack, to do it for all of the American people.

– W J Anthony

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