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How it Happens …

Thanks to RTV

There is a widespread concern in the US, why the New World Order has been promoted by various US presidents, political and corporate figures, and social analysts.  Will it bring a world war and tyranny to collapse the survival of the human race?  Some concerns suggest it will happen in the near years of 2012 and the years thereafter.

The aggression of NATO’s assumption of authority to intervene with war in six countries and require economic and political policies that favor corporate dominance of natural resources and commerce is challenging other nations of the world to conform or perish.

The video interview below describes in understandable terms what we, as residents of the world, should consider if we intend to avoid the calamity of complete social destruction.

After you recover from the reality expressed in the video, it would be worthwhile to read the Second paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence and think of what it said was true for all people.

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