The Goose and the Gander … ?

By WJ Anthony

What seemed, late Sunday evening, to be a New Year wish by the lame duck Congress, is causing a great concern for main street Americans.  If our source is accurate, the lame ducks quietly and quickly passed a bill through both houses of Congress, to enable the Federal government to control what you will use as alternatives to the prescriptions imposed by the big pharmaceutical corporations.  And that will fit the Healthcare law that will enable its Church of Modern Medicine to decide how you will die and when you will die.  The bill uses other words, but the meaning is the same in the food control Bill S510.

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Alexander Bolton of The Hill reports:

Reid’s staff earlier in the day had told a coalition of groups supporting the legislation that it had a chance of passing but the prospects appeared to dim as Sunday wore on. The swift approval by unanimous consent caught some aides and lobbyists working on it by surprise.

Sen. Tom Coburn, the outspoken conservative Republican from Oklahoma, had been blocking the legislation. He lifted his objection at the final moment.

Why Senator Coburn reversed himself, enabling this bill, which empowers unelected bureaucrats to control family farms with regulations to be written later, is a mystery.”

A controversial proposal that was dropped from President Barack Obama’s health care reform after it led to claims of ‘death panels’ being set up is to be introduced using a new United States government regulation.

By Toby Harnden,  The Telegraph, Washington – 12:22AM GMT 27 Dec 2010

Under the new policy, contained in a regulation for Medicare, the US government health program for the elderly, doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care will be paid from the public purse.

According to The New York Times, congressional backers of the new policy have kept quiet for fear provoking a furor similar to the one in 2009 when Republicans seized on the notion of end-of-life counseling to claim the bill would lead to government-ordered death sentences.

The final version of the health care legislation, signed into law by Mr Obama last in March, authorized coverage of annual physical examinations but did not include Section 1233, the most controversial part of the bill.

But now the new regulation states that Medicare will cover “voluntary advance care planning” to discuss end-of-life treatment, as part of these examinations.

Advance care planning improves end-of-life care and patient and family satisfaction and reduces stress, anxiety and depression in surviving relatives,” the administration said in the preamble to the Medicare regulation, which quotes research published in the British Medical Journal.


Even the Russian newspaper Pravda is puzzled: “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed.

On Feb. 7, 2009, the cover of Newsweek magazine proclaimed: “We Are All Socialists Now.”

If you blinked, you might have missed the enormous clamor that arose about the FEMA security at airports, which authorizes security personnel to apply a high level X-Ray to examine your intimate body structure and configuration or a manual inspection of what you might have between your legs in or near your crotch or in or near your breasts.

And how much more is coming; who knows?  The personal embarrassment of the airport security plan is also considered appropriate for trains, maybe buses and probably every time you enter a courthouse or hospital or public school.  The victims of the high schools or colleges may produce some interesting complications that the genius of youngsters seems talented to modify what they discover.

Think of built-in X-Ray cameras on the secured entrances that already exist, and in classrooms, then built in on toilets and urinals – all saved for evidence or future reference.  Rebellion against superfluous authority easily erupts in high schools, which result in the policy of requiring students to request a roll of toilet paper from the principal’s office, with the requirement that the roll be returned after the necessity was completed.  That policy was adopted 25 years ago, to prevent disgruntled students from flushing rolls of toilet paper down toilets and plugging them up.

Something’s wrong?  It might be that the administration and teachers are looked on as prison guards.  Students have often referred to their school as a prison, that they are forced to submit to class presentations that are taught down to them instead of teaching children from their level of feeling and understanding.

That is portrayed in the administration of most government officials, and among the elected officials that get chummy with the voters only during their campaign to be elected.  After the election, they are out of touch.  Which brings to mind the touch at airports.

How many terrorists have the security systems apprehended?  Any?  The pilots have won an exemption from being scrutinized by X-radiation or the touchy probing of security personnel.  Are those photos stored in some archive somewhere for verification, in case a passenger sues FEMA or the government for violation of personal rights?  There have been claims that the X-Ray procedure is a danger to the health of a passenger who frequently travels by air.  I wonder if the members of Congress or members of the Executive administration are required to expose themselves to the X-Ray eyes of the airports?

It would seem to be appropriate for all government employees, including all politicians to be included in the requirement that requires ordinary citizens to be X-Rayed at airports.  It would seem most appropriate to not only have them suitably captured on X-Ray film but also to have their films and pictures published, so their constituents could see and know the honesty of the results; probably start with the Leaders of the House and Senate.  It might enhance their reelection campaigns, providing their constituents with an honest glimpse of their forthrightness.

The president and vice-president and their staff should also be included, for their own protection and the security of the nation.  Who knows, there may be a plan to weave an imposter into the presidency, who could be readily identified by the same X-Ray and touch methods that are now used in airports.  The comparison of views of the president if filed on record differed from an imposter’s view could electronically verify if the president is legitimate.

The old and revered adage may be our worthy guide in this, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  Then, we all could take a gander at our representatives.

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