What were Obama and Congress thinking?

A Cake Walk? … for . . . US ?

By W J Anthony



Why did the US, France and Britain choose to attack Libya and overthrow Gaddafi?  Two reasons?  His example of using the national resources of Libya to enrich the potential opportunity for the life of each person in Libya would spread to the people of other nations in Europe, the Americas  and Africa, inspiring the people to challenge their financial, industrial, and military complex to do what Libya has done.

A hidden reason for the cowardly attack against Gaddafi and the people of Libya is he informed France, Britain and the US that their oil companies would be able to buy Libyan oil by using only the gold dinar, instead of US dollars – who has it?

The rebels?  Who are they?  They were mercenary criminals recruited by the British MI6, CIA, French and Israeli intelligence agencies who promised them lucrative political opportunities if they succeeded in the overthrow of Gaddafi.  The early ones lost their lives, but some recent recruits thought they were about to become victorious invaders in their recent entry in Tripoli; they were allowed to enter a trap and were killed by Libyan soldiers and people who defended Tripoli.  Most of them were killed, except for the few who were able to flee.

Did Fox news, MSNBC, etc. show that?

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