Just in case Obama doesn’t know . . .

War is a racket


A very profitable war (4:36)

Afghan “War” reality check (2:37)

Afghanistan a mineral treasure trove (6:14)

Afghanistan and Vietnam (18:22)

America’s Growth Industry (3:17)

Banks, drugs and US-sponsored terrorism (10:00)

Bio warfare lab in Boston? (26:33)

CNN airheads cheer the latest war (6:42)

Disposable heroes (11:54)

Fox News sounding like Brasscheck TV (5:00)

Going on Patrol (22:00)

Heroin Inc. (10:00)

How the news media sells war (5:24)

How the world works (2:03)

Iraq for sale (1:15:40)

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (3:07)

Is this what we’re fighting for? (7:59)

Just how corrupt are these guys? (7:00)

Mexican drug cartels trained by US (3:06)

Obama’s new war (5:22)

Remembering Panama (60:00)

Some truth about Afghanistan (9:00)

Telling it like it is (1:00)

“The Pathology of Power” (30:00)

The revolution continues (4:00)

The root of all war (2:00)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US is no democracy (5:00)

There’s nothing ‘natural’ about war (8:49)

“They love war” (9:54)

War and finance (53:33)

War from inside the belly of the beast (8:27)

War Inc. (3:02)

War is a racket (updated for the 21st century) (9:23)

“War is a racket” (8:50)

War is theft (9:40)

“We’re going to war” (2:13)

Where Blackwater comes from (10:56)

Where is Bill Hicks when we need him? (10:06)

Who are the real terrorists? (4:37)

Who do you serve when you go to war (3:30)

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