Does the shoe fit our foot . . . ?

Is it   ‘we the people’ . . .  ?

By W J Anthony

With Congress debating whether to require Barack Obama to ask Congress for permission to continue his illegitimate war against Libya, it may be high time for us, as members of our USA to realize who is the legitimate leader of Libya  … and who is the legitimate leader of our USA.

Let’s suppose that somehow our US Government had recognized that “we the people” owned the natural resources of minerals, oil, natural gas and water, and our Government organized the development of these resources in ways that provided each person with abundant energy for their transportation, their homes and personal recreation, and appropriate water and sewage services, and heat and light energies.

Let’s assume that our Government found that the resources were more abundant than was needed by the USA, and some of the resources, such as oil, were shared with people in other nations to serve their needs, and the gains from sharing some of those natural resources with other nations enabled those nations to provide our Government with the means by which our US Government was able to apply those gains to build in the USA good housing, schools and higher education, public and personal transportation, good food resources, medical care, and useful job opportunities for each person in the USA.   And as a result, that organization of industrial talent and resources by our US Government lifted the living standard of the people in our USA to rank among the highest living standards in the world.

Let us also suppose that our society had achieved this living standard because our Government had passed laws which arranged equal opportunities for its citizens to campaign for an opportunity to serve in Congress, the Courts, and the Presidency, whereby registered candidates were provided equal time on the media to present their plans for proposing bills and laws that supported our standard of living.  And let us also suppose that voters persuaded Congress to pass laws that outlawed lobbyists of ‘special interests’, so that people would base their electoral votes on genuine information that candidates honestly provided about important concerns and issues that affect the well being of the people; and let us suppose that candidates who won election followed the will of the voters in acting on legislation.

What should “we the people of USA” choose to do if three foreign nations with large and powerful armies and navies declared that the leader of our USA should step down and let those foreign leaders of other countries decide on who should rule “we the people” of the USA?  Let us suppose that we found out that a group of American criminals, had been found guilty in our courts and had been punished and had, after their punishment, persuaded foreign leaders that they, the criminals, were really patriots who wanted democracy instead of the laws of our Government, and the criminals claimed that they should be the ones who rule the Government of the USA.

Let us suppose, that the foreign leaders realized that there was a great advantage for them; if they supported the criminals in their claim for independence, freedom and democracy; the foreign leaders knew they could ultimately control or liquidate the criminals if necessary, but publicizing the claims of the criminals could be used to bring the attention of the people of the world to believe that the leader of the USA should step down because he no longer was legitimately based on the ideals of democracy and freedom, and they asked other foreign nations to join in a war to defeat the USA and take over complete control of our natural resources.

Suppose the first foreign leader and the leaders of the two other nations, who called for our leader to step down actually planned to have their oil companies take ownership of the oil and natural gas reserves in our vast high quality Bakken oil and gas fields in Montana and South Dakota, which we had nationalized as the property of “we the people of these United States”?

And suppose our US leader refused to step down because ‘we the people’ supported our US Government.  Suppose the first foreign leader then ordered his air force to bomb and strafe our Washington, DC national capitol and the major cities and people of the USA, killing thousands of Americans, … and the foreigners grabbed control of California, Seattle and Denver … what should ‘we the people’ expect to do?    Surrender?  Overthrow our Leader?  Let the foreigners have their way to subjugate every American?

Or … should ‘we the people’ and our leader do what Muammar Gadaffi and his people are doing . . .?   That would depend on if our USA were organized with a Government that actually secures for each of its people their unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and their pursuit of Happiness . . . as was true in Libya?

Will what our Congress decides to do now determine the destiny and legitimacy of the USA?   What will ‘WE the people’ think if . . .?

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