NOW … or . . . forever ?

Now … just in the nick of time …

By W J Anthony

This week we shall see what the Republicans did in Congress.

We may live or die by what the Senate does this week. It’s all up to the Senate now to stop a dangerous proposal, that was passed by the Republicans, because it would authorize a worldwide war without end.

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which contains a reckless provision that would give the president — any president — the power to unilaterally take our country to war wherever, whenever and however he or she sees fit.    Apparently, the Republican’s hypnotic belief in Bush’s War On Terror still infects their belief.

The Senate Armed Services Committee will begin debating the NDAA this week, and Senator Udall’s vote and your Senator’s  votes will be crucial to determine whether America will have a president of a republic  or a dictator of an American empire.

That means it’s up to us to tell our Senators to oppose any law that permits a new worldwide war without end.

President Obama has already come out in opposition to any authorization of an unending, unaccountable worldwide war.

But ‘we the people’ can’t rest until this provision has been stripped from the bill once and for all.

We must tell each of our Senators that we are counting on them to strongly oppose any law that permits a worldwide war without end.

After you take action, please urge friends and family to do the same.   To defeat this dangerous proposal, we need people all across America to express their outrage.

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