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Race To Justice Denver Statement

Thank you for supporting our Race To Justice by signing our petition calling on the Mayor-Elect to make this his administration’s top priority.

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The following groups and individuals have already signed on to the statement below:

Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance * Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition * Denver Branch NAACP * Colorado Progressive Coalition * Colorado Progressive Action * 9to5 Working Women of Colorado *  Art Way *  Progress Now Colorado * COLOR: Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity & Reproductive Rights * Escuela Tlatelolco * Nita Gonzales * Colorado Prison Law Project


We the undersigned condemn the decision of Denver’s Manager of Safety, Charlie Garcia, that five Denver Sheriff Deputies will receive no punishment for the Coroner‐verified homicide of Rev. Marvin Booker while in custody, because the deputies violated no policy.
A man is dead; a son, a brother, a friend is never coming back, and there is no punishment for those who took his life? Simply because of the blue uniform they wear to work?
We are outraged.
As Denver residents of all backgrounds, representing a broad cross‐section of this community, we believe our law enforcement agencies should protect the public, build strong relationships with the neighborhoods they serve, and be accountable to the residents of this city. Instead, Denver is plagued by decades of law enforcement abuse, from racial profiling to brutality to sexual assault to homicide. Although these troubling occurrences are often reported as isolated events, we know our public safety agencies have created a culture of abuse and we can no longer survive the status quo.
We are uncompromising.
A minor policy change, a single community meeting, or any other token effort to mitigate our concerns will not satisfy us. Denver needs and deserves a radical overhaul of our public safety agencies; one that rebuilds community trust, prioritizes transparency and accountability, and creates an atmosphere where abuse is never tolerated. We have come together to honor the memory of all those who have been victimized by the very public “servants” we should all trust, and we will not back down.

We are organized.

The Public Safety Manager’s decision in the homicide of Rev. Marvin Booker may have been the catalyst for our coming together, but we know that there is one person who we will now look to show the leadership that can change the dynamic ‐‐ our next mayor.
Enough is enough.
In signing this letter, we give notice to the Mayor‐Elect that we have seized the authority to recast the landscape of policing in this city. Our expectation is that our efforts will begin with him and it will happen in a meeting we demand take place in the days immediately following the election.
We sign this statement because we expect the Mayor‐elect to prioritize this issue and to join with us to develop an authentically community‐driven process that revolutionizes law enforcement practices in Denver and turns a culture of fear and isolation into one of safety and collaboration.

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