Did You vote … for ths … ?

Is it too late for us … to think … ?

By W J Anthony

Life is a spectacular experience.  That description might probably not fit your life; troublesome might be how you would see it.  Boring might be how others see their lives.  Whatever way we see ourselves, sooner or later, something suddenly and unexpectedly grabs the hardened shell of our heart and mind and stuns our view of life. The belief that we have constructed to comfort ourselves cannot avoid our shock.

The cries of victims thunder in our ears; we cannot escape our involvement. What can we do to stop the evil that insists that we support a potential catastrophe?

The video listed below dares us to realize that we, the people, may soon face our government that expects to follow its wicked policy of war.  There is no excuse for you and I or any government to use war of any kind.  War does not produce safety and happiness. War always kills the innocent.  It does not kill the rulers who declare war or destroy the owners of companies that produce the weapons of war, or the investors who get rich in war.

Please dare to watch this video; remember that we, the people, must stop and remove any politician who supports war of any kind – if we want safety and happiness.  What we have allowed our government to do in the countries of the Middle East, it now intends to do in Libya and Africa.  It is a crime against humanity.

Write letters, speak out on talk shows, teach your children to not join the military of any kind.  If you are in the military, you have the right to become a conscientious objector and refuse to participate in further service.  The Bible and the Gospels tell us –  “Thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not steal.  Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”


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