Planned Obsolescence of Libya ?

Will  You …  be  Obsolescent … next ?

By WJ Anthony

Is there a very important issue that lurks in the background as a motive for the governments of US, Britain, France and some members of NATO?  Have these countries decided to destroy Libya’s government and society because the example of its society could threaten the planned obsolescence that is systematically designed in the economies of the US, Britain and France?  To prevent the people of those countries and the world, from understanding the policy of planned obsolescence, which the European and US industrial economies practice, those selfish three governments and NATO chose to remove Muammar Gaddafi because he designed the success of Libya’s economy.

We know that Libya’s society has been a very prosperous economy and social structure that enables Libyan people to participate in the decisions of government policy and its industry.  Their opportunity, education, medical care, housing and transportation have surpassed most people of all other countries worldwide.  We know that their natural resources are used for investment in the genuine well being of its citizens.

There is another astounding reason that probably more deeply motivates the aggressive cabal that attacked Libya.  For most of the entire 20th century, the economic structure of the US and the British Commonwealth industrial nations had been designed with planned obsolescence in its industry and commerce.  Before 1920, the commercial success of manufacturers in winning customers in Europe and America was determined by the level of excellence in the quality of performance that products could offer customers.  The result of that industrial honesty caused a boom in the useful integrity of designed products that continued to function reliably as customers had expected.

This began to change in 1920.  A cabal of manufacturers in Europe and the US secretly agreed to design their manufactured products to fail within a specified short period of time.  They knew that would soon force their recent customers to replace failed products with new or replacement products, thus enabling their industries to continue churning out profits by selling new merchandise or replacements to their pool of previous customers.

Some of the affects of such an industrial policy can be seen on the Internet at The Free Encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA

An important video by Top Documentary Films is  “The Light Bulb Conspiracy” at:

The Wikipedia text and the Top Documentary Films video are dire warnings that the economic industrial system is designed to turn the world into a gigantic, unlivable trash pile.   Abundant information suggests we must eliminate planned obsolescence, if we want to survive.  We must not allow the greed for profit to plan the obsolescence of humanity itself and discard us as useless trash in a dead world.

We are taught as children, that everything that has been naturally formed serves a useful purpose.  Human industry is appropriate if it serves the natural potential of human and other life on Earth.  As residents of Earth, we have no potential for living on other planets after we turn our home, the Earth, into a trash dump, because some leaders have persuaded us to allow our industries and merchants to practice planned obsolescence.

The US, French, British, and NATO aggression in Libya is a desperate effort to prevent the people of the world from waking up to the fact, that the people of Libya represent – an admirably constructive earth and human friendly society.  The people of Libya have chosen to not allow the aggressors to “turn their nest into a toilet” by following the “planned obsolescence” economies of the aggressor nations that have attacked Libya.

What the aggressors have done in their homelands and have done to third world nations is a crime that cries to heaven for vengeance.  The leaders of aggressor nations deserve to be tried in the United Nations as criminals for their exploitation of third world nations.

We, the peoples of those aggressor nations, need to renounce the recent crimes of our leaders.  We need to compensate the victims of our leaders.  We need to renounce the past centuries of horrible crimes that the leaders of our countries committed, when they brutally caused destruction and exploitation of humans and nature in the name of God.

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