What can we say … ?

Thank You

… who have sent genuine comments about articles that we have posted on our blog.  You may have noticed that we no longer post new comments from viewers on our blog.  The comments that exist will remain for awhile and then be eventually removed.

You deserve to know why we have come to that decision.

Each day, for many months, spammers sent hundreds, even thousands of ads about sexual remedies or porn sights.  Some were gibberish or ads in foreign languages, some were multiple repeats of comments that had been posted previously.

Many of those comments were deliberate, computerized attempts, intended to confound and discourage the honest readers from offering genuine comments about the articles.  We spent hours every day to remove the spam from the genuine comments.

It became evident, that the spammers wouldn’t cease in their hatred of the content in the articles.  We want to explain why we will no longer post any new comments on our blog.   We couldn’t continue to spend several hours of each day, screening the spammers from your genuine comments.  We hope you understand and continue to visit our blog.

If we find a way that will enable you to submit your comments but not the spam, we will let you know.  Thanks for your honesty and willingness to read the truth with an open mind.  God bless you.

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