Will “We the People” allow this to end our Future – ?

God Help We the People of these United States…

As an American citizen, each of us has a vitally important responsibility to perform NOW,  in these coming weeks when we have the opportunity to vote people into positions of community and government leadership.  To do this, we need to consider and keep in mind what has been identified by many genuine sociologists as, a proven truth that applies to American people and any people of other nations in the world, who want their beloved country to survive in the future.  The fact of that truth is that the survival of any present population requires their descendents to reproduce at a rate of at least 2.3 children per each male/female couple.

To fulfill that requirement, each young man/woman couple of our generation will need to give birth to at least 2.3 children, just to replace themselves and enable their children to maintain the survival of humanity in the next generation.   How does the .3 come into the equation?

Some individuals die before they can have children, some die by accidents before they have an opportunity to be married and bear children.  Many young men and women die in wars before they have a chance to become a father or mother of a child.

That 2.3 children birth rate of man and woman parents only maintains the present population – it doesn’t increase the population.

America will only survive, if Americans realize the truth that America, as a population,  will eventually disappear from human history unless each generation reproduces itself at a rate of at least 2.3 children or more per each male/female couple.

We need to teach young people to realize that they have a responsibility to reproduce themselves to maintain the present American population.  If you say “Who cares?”  We care and want you to be an ancestor from which the future America will emerge.

Some of the video and print media and news organizations are drawing public attention to the homosexual gay movement that promotes gay marriage as being an acceptable lifestyle for America’s culture.  Homosexuals have pressured and warned politicians and judges, to change laws to allow and promote homosexuality as normal lifestyles for human beings.   The homosexual movement has forced American public school administrators to allow and even teach homosexual behavior to early school age children as acceptable and normal.

This required teaching of children in elementary, secondary schools and colleges to use contraceptives and accept homosexual behavior and practices is now accepted as normal.

In some instances, non-homosexual women have been hired to give birth to children of homosexual men;  those children will then intentionally be shaped as homosexuals.

We need to understand, that there won’t be an America in the future if we allow the promoters of homosexual behavior and the promoters of abortion to determine public policies.  There won’t be an America in the future, if we allow the lawmakers and administrators of schools to pass laws to support homosexual marriage.

The political campaigns of aspiring politicians and candidates for President need to be publicly confronted to state whether they will support or oppose homosexual behavior and the abortion of unborn children.  If officials, who seek election, can’t clearly state what they will do if elected, regarding homosexuality and abortions, then they don’t deserve our vote for them and we must oppose their election efforts.

The public arrogance of Barak Obama’s flaunting himself as the homosexual President of America requires honest American voters to totally reject the Obama administration as a deliberate perversion of human sexuality.

The upcoming election also enables American voters the opportunity to defeat all politicians and judges who supported Obama’s perverse behavior.  How many young people have been mislead into practicing homosexuality after learning that their President of the United States is now and has been a sexual pervert?

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