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Before the lights go out  …

By W J Anthony

When we try to perceive our future in America and the world, we expect to be faced with the fact that we will be among a large population of people with individual aspirations and expectations that are different from each other.  During our emergence into the future as a resident on the earth, we will depend on the resources of the earth and how they can be used to sustain our necessities of life.  As humans, we come from an ancestry of generations of predecessors who had to fit themselves to survive and adapt to scarcities of food and shelter and avoid dangers of various kinds, some of which we see today in floods and droughts.  We must adapt to the processes of earth that may challenge us.

Most of us serve and depend on other people, who produce and distribute essential goods and services that each of us needs.  The 20th Century has become history and its successor seems to be dressing itself as a more ravenous specter of turmoil than previous eras.  There seems to be a mysterious factor that deliberately influences the consequences of human activity.  Some writers attribute the recent wars and color revolutions to the deliberate agenda of the very rich elite who seek the establishment of a new World Order that will do away with national identities and governments through the common dumbing-down and dis-education of people, so as to change their subsequent behaviors.

The premise of our future was expected to show that “government of the people, by the people and for the people” would become a common aspiration for millions of honest people, a reality as sure as we expect the sun to rise again in the east.  The truth, however, found an opportunity to slip to the surface of our life by a gift of creation, we know as the Internet.  At the time of its birth, its legs were weak and it barely was able to hold its head above the waters of the controlled media, which silently ignored it in the hope that it would crash and lose its vocation to be the light of discovery and revelation for the truth.

To combat its potential as a voice of the people, during the Clinton governments, Herod tried to militarize the Internet, but its youngster magicians flexed their muscle and blacked the sites of the Net as a warning lesson to be appreciated by those who want to rule the people with lies and coverups.

The Net grew and became the blessing that Creation intended it to become.  It became the font of knowledge that would teach truth and fiction to more people than all the schools had ever achieved, converting the schools to fashion their curricula to depend on the electronic sources of the Net.

One of the least known but great persons of all mankind, Nikola Tesla was a tall and impressive gentleman.  His close friend and biographer wrote: “When God said, “Let these be light, He created Tesla.”  It seems to have been proved that Tesla was assigned with a vision, to complete what the Creator created.

Tesla discovered and constructed most of the basic understandings of energy, on which our 20th and 21st century human society depends.  The blessings of the visions of this man are not yet listed in the history books of America because the ruling elite fears that his name would lead to the greatest discovery of all the hundreds of patents that were given birth by Tesla.  His name was deliberately avoided even in electrical engineering curricula, which owes its birth to Tesla.  The powers that be fear that his wireless transmission of electricity would destroy the profits they obtain by limiting the people to buy it through a wired system of delivery.

The electrical power that is used worldwide is Tesla’s polyphase AC current system.  It has effectively served mankind for the past century.   But, Tesla founded and demonstrated what he called a gift of God, a wireless system of electricity that would be available everywhere on earth, above the earth and in and under the seas.  He proposed it and explained to Morgan, that it was a gift to the human race, because it was simple to transmit electricity anywhere without wires.   But Morgan asked, ”How will you meter it?”  He realized that Tesla’s gift from God would dismiss the need to continue Morgan’s wealth by selling electrical power through a meter.   Every ampere of electricity that people purchased came from electrical companies that Morgan owned or controlled.

Morgan was not interested in any gift of God that Morgan could not meter.  He was a powerful influence in America, who owned or controlled all the hard and soft coal industries in America that shipped coal on railroads, that he owned or controlled, to the thermoelectric generation plants in America, most of which he owned or controlled, as was all the iron ore and limestone that was shipped on railroads or boats to the blast furnaces that produced steel in America.  He also was the major banking and investment firm on Wall Street, which influenced investors and brokers to go along to get along.

Morgan put the word out on Wall Street to stop further investment in Tesla’s research and development, representing it as a dangerous investment.  Morgan did this to protect his established income of wealth rather than risk the potential of a greater technology.

It is probable that most readers of these words never heard or knew about Tesla and thought Thomas Edison created our electrical system.  In 1977, a survey reveled that only 10% of the graduates of electrical engineering schools knew anything about Tesla, that he developed the poly-phase electrical system that would eventually employ them.

The wireless transmission system is important today.  Tesla said it would be available when the wireless system would not be adequate.

But Tesla comes into importance for another reason at this time in human history.  He had studied and researched the characteristics of the earth for wireless transmission of electricity and found that the earth had a natural resonant frequency, which he said meant the earth was almost a perfect capacitor.  He found during experiments, that energy could, at the same time, be sent through the center of the earth, along the surface of the earth, and along the ionosphere to the other side of the earth and return to the origin from which it had been sent, bringing back with it a 25% increase in the power that was sent, all in less than two seconds.  The dividend was brought back, somewhat like a laser beam can train randomly disposed electrons to follow the laser as a greater powered beam.

This wireless pulses are now being used by more than a dozen established enterprises in locations across the earth, similar to the US HAARP in Alaska.

The threat to shut down the Net remains but would prove to be a disaster for any tyrant who would assume a right to rule people without their consent.  Nevertheless, there are those who seek to achieve the despotic power of tyranny, but now they do it behind the scenes, disguising their intent with the claim of idealism as they arrange to tamper with the powers of nature.   The ancient authority that married the sun with the earth has an attraction that exists between the two that is displayed by an eleven-year cycle, which regularly excites or pacifies the creatures that inhabit the earth.  Human behavior relates to this attraction, which is unknown by most people, but is well known and understood by certain rulers of the elite, as a means to control the behaviors of the masses of humanity.

Another key discovery was studied years ago in the Soviet Union.

Thanks to Wikipedia, you can read the following and more about Alexander Chizhevsky:

“In 1931 he set up the Central Research Laboratory for Ionisation in USSR. His work in aero-ionification was supported by the Soviet government and was recognized by a Resolution of the Council of People’s Commissars of USSR. In 1935 he discovered the metachromasy of bacteria – the so-called “Chizhevskii-Velkhover effect” – enabling solar emissions that were hazardous to man both on Earth and in space, to be forecast. He was head of two aero-ionisation laboratories. In 1939 he was the Honorary President of the International Congress of Bio-physics held in New York City.[2]

In 1942 Soviet leader Joseph Stalin became aware of Chizhevsky’s research work, including Physical Factors Of The Historical Process, and Chizhevsky was asked to retract his writings on solar cycles, which contradicted Soviet theories of the reasons for the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917. He refused, was arrested and spent 8 years in a forced labor gulag in the Ural Mountains. He was released in 1950 and resettled in Karaganda in Kazakhstan where he underwent eight years of Soviet “rehabilitation” where he conducted science work in coal mines of Karaganda. While he no longer wrote on solar cycle theory, he returned to Moscow and introduced aero-ionic therapy (similar to negative air ionization therapy) into some medical establishments. He became a scientific consultant and ran an aero-ionification laboratory under the USSR State Planning Organisation.

The use of HAARP and other applications might be related to the behavior control of people, as was explained in the previous quote.  It could be worth your time to read the entire report on this man.  He was well informed about Tesla’s work, as are the men who work at HAARP in Alaska and the many similar installations throughout the world. HAARP  is a government-built, closed military research facility, that studies and experiments to excite the vibratory potential of the ionosphere and features of the earth, such as earthquakes and volcanoes.  After Tesla was rejected by Morgan, Tesla continued to study and investigate.  An interview with Tesla was published, which involved Tesla explaining the significance of having found the earth’s resonant frequency.

It is known that one consequence of Tesla’s study on the earth’s resonant frequency changed the customary march of troops of soldiers in cadence while crossing bridges.   Tesla found that everything has a resonant frequency which means bridges respond to a resonant frequency also, and marching in cadence could be dangerous if the boots of hundreds of soldiers were to stomp on the bridge floor at the same time, again and again at the same spots and excite the resonant frequency of the bridge floor.  Tesla’s message as heard and troops thereafter were to break cadence when they crossed bridges.

Tesla reminded one interviewer that the earth has a resonant frequency by which earth that could be affected   By starting a small initial input of power, then add to it another input of the same power, and continue to add such inputs to the previous inputs at the frequency of the earth; then, at some time, the final input could massively vibrate the resonance of the earth and split the earth like it was an apple.

That is a warning to consider, since the signal traces of HAARP have been found in the recorded earthquake maps of Japan as it teeters on the continuing earthquakes that could cause the north island to landslide with Tokyo into the deep trench of the Pacific Ocean.

A startling video link is listed below.  It will warn you of our very imminent future.

With solemn hope and prayers for the people of Japan, and all of us.

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