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Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist Caught Red Handed Plotting Murder!

Thursday, September 4, 2014 10:00

(Before It’s News)

Governor Don Sundquist

Senator Sheldon R. Songstad

Glenn Canady

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Please pray for me and all the people at VeteransToday because these two men caught on tape are very powerful and actually hire killers as you’ll see!   I’m going on the record right now that I will NEVER kill myself!  Please pray for justice in this matter and the protection of Lee Wanta!  Please support the patriots at VeteransToday!  They are the patriots with support of the US military that are putting out ALL the truth!  They need your help to do more!

Senator Sheldon R. Songstad and Governor Don Sundquist Threaten to Kill Ambassador Lee Wanta!  Hear them talk about what kind of Federal security Lee Wanta has protecting him!  The recorded threats start at about the 10:00 minute mark when somebody forgot to hang up their phone!

VeteransToday has  what certainly appears to be a death threat against former Ambassador, Lee Wanta and it’s all been caught on tape!  Lee Wanta identified the men on the tape who are conspiring to murder him as former Senator Sheldon R. Songstad (SD) and former Governor of Tennessee, Don Sundquist.  I have verified that these are the men by listening to videos of both of them on Youtube.  Here’s the strange part that I would like all of you to verify and contact me through my Facebook.  I can’t find anything on Google for Sheldon R Songstad.  Try it yourself!   I know he was a Republican Senator from South Dakota and I have found when he was elected but it’s like he’s been scrubbed entirely from Google!  I can’t find one picture of him!  I finally was given one by somebody with access to things that will never be on Google!   As you can see by the picture at the top of the page, nothing comes up for a search on Sheldon Songstad on Google News except for when he was going around giving disinformation to alternative media but in all those interviews he did – not a single photo of him was shown!  By the way, Rick Wiles of TruNews pushed the disinformation being given out by Sheldon Songstad but so far will NOT post this article or information about the death threat from the man he promoted to alternative media!  Be sure to contact Rick Wiles to find out WHEN he’s going to post the death threat by Senator Songstad that he promoted!  You can find some stuff by Rick Wiles on Youtube when Songstad was going around spreading disinformation to select alternative media radio show hosts.  Are these radio shows disinformation?  We will see by who puts out the new information on Songstad.

In the taped conversation above, Ambassador Wanta says that Sheldon R. Songstad told him that he was the “puppet master”!  He said that he controlled who got elected and who got the money!  I’ve never in my life not being able to find a picture of a public servant on Google images so it’s obvious that Songstad has lots of power.  He’s not even showing up in Wikipedia!  How does a Senator not show up on Wikipedia!?   Anyway, back to the story.  Lee Wanta says the following people were aware of what Senator Sheldon R. Songstand and Governor Don Sundquist were doing with him – Senator Tom Daschle, Senator John Thune, and Senator Bob Corker!  So these men will need to be thoroughly investigated to see if they are involved in the plot to murder Lee Wanta.  Again, get the word out on this so that the “puppet master” and his cronies can’t escape justice and make sure all in alternative media that promoted Songstad put up this story or you’ll know they work for the bad guys too!  Hit all groups on Facebook too becuase they have blocked me from being to post to groups to shut me up!

Who is Lee Wanta?

Lee Wanta as an Ambassador for President Reagan who helped to bring down the Russian Ruble during the 80s and avert World War 3. He was also tasked with refunding the American economy but has been prevented from doing that by all Presidents after Reagan.  He is owed trillions of dollars as are the American people!  You can read some of his story here.

Lee Wanta, American Hero

I’m asking all truth warriors to get this story out through all means possible so we can prevent a murder of an American hero that most of you never knew about because it was censored by “tip of the spear” types in alternative media who said he was as “Real as the Easter Bunny”!  Lee writes for VeteransToday!  He’s very real and now it’s up to all of you to share this on Facebook, Twitter, email lists and websites so this murder plot can be thoroughly investigated.  Please investigate Sheldon R. Songstad and tell me if you can find his picture!  A US Senator and we can’t find his picture and Wikipedia has nothing on him!  Tell me if you don’t agree that somebody has scrubbed almost everything about him off Google!  He doesn’t show up in Google News even though he’s been all over alternative media putting out disinformation!  Please get this information out now!   Thank you!  With your help, we can get the word out about this murder plot caught on tape!

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