A Salute to you, Jimmy !

… for your Honesty and Courage.

Thank You, President Jimmie !

By W. J. Anthony

On this Labor Day, we thank you for your honesty and courage to speak the truth about Israel as a labor of love.

There is no longer a reason for American people and American tax dollars to support the Israeli theft and control of the lands of Palestine and impose the terrible, long Israeli oppression of Palestinian people.

The Israeli government and the Israeli people claim that Israelis are Jews and have the right to own the land of Palestine.  Israeli DNA scientists have now proved that Israeli people, who claim to be Jews are truthfully descendents of the Turkish-Mongol people, who lived in the kingdom of Khazaria, which was once part of Russia and the Ukraine.

Israeli leader, Netanyahu, has publicly admitted that the DNA of Israeli people proves that those who call themselves Jews are Khazars, and the Ukraine is part of what was once Khazaria, the land of their origin.

Since Israelis now cannot claim to be Jews, they can’t justify using torture to drive Palestinian people out of Palestine.  For over 60 years, almost every American religious and political leader and politician has justifted the military conquest and torture of Palestinian resisters by the Government of Israel.  Many billions of American tax dollars, military weapons and equipment were given to the Government of Israel without requiring any obligation for Israel to pay for the costs.

Most American civilian and governmental leaders supported Israeli leaders who claimed that Israeli people are Jews or the descendants of Jews.  The DNA blood tests, however, now prove that Israelis are not Jews and never were Jews.  Israelis who call themselves Jews are descendents of the Kazars and have no legitimate claim to own any part of Palestine.

Former President, Jimmy Carter is well justified for his continuous support of the Palestinians’ right to live in Palestine as their homeland and govern themselves, because it truly is their homeland.

DNA now proves that Jimmy Carter was right.  God bless you, Jimmy.

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