Why US LIES don’t work … now?

Why don’t our LIES… work… now ?

Posted on July 19, 2014 by biz
Clifford Anthony Paiva ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
July 19, 2014There seems to me to be a distinct likelihood that the Malaysia Flight 370 airliner – the Boeing 777 Twin Jet – or else its twin has finally resurfaced, in the disputed territory surrounding Donetsk, Ukraine.

So says Clifford Anthony Paiva, a Navy Veteran with a Master’s Degree in Geophysics who created the video below, as well as this previous one,


who asserts that this plane was not shot down by a missile but was deposited there by landand detonated at its purported “crash site.”

Paiva notes the many hallmarks of an astonishingly poorly-executed False Flag operation, including these “obvious blunders for this stupid CIA operation,” including “1) Very colorful clothing, seats and passports…all unconsumed by the “impact” inferno, of course! 2) NO LAYS ON THE GROUND WITH THEIR BODIES…(to say nothing of their clothes) UNBURNED. Even for the US-CIA, this is manifestly stupid! 3) Very clear [tire] tracks leading to the “impact” site; another unnecessaryoversight by the same incompetent United
Airlines Flight 93 team. 4) And – of course!…NO BLACK BOX!! (Voice and Flight Data Recorder), at least for public confirmation of the newest Malaysian-CIA Flight storyline.

“Incidentally, not only are NO bodies (uncovered with some material) present, absolutely NO missile radar track files are presented. NO…this is just more White House nonsense and having worked crash fires for the US Air Force, I can say with some authority, [a] crash site does NOT end abruptly.[Here], the grass goes untouched.”

It remains now for the world’s planespotters to determine if this is the aircraft from Flight 370, or if this is its twin Twin Jet, purchased by a shady South Florida aviation company, with records indicating that it has been held in storage in a country I can’t even name, as previously reported, here:


and here:


– See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/911–false-flags/twin-twin-777-from-mh-370-finally-resurfaces-in-ukraine.html#sthash.XfxitFim.dpuf

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